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freelance software architect. artist. radio ham.

Damion Junk

I am a software architect with nearly 15 years of experience designing and building scalable applications. I love music, cooking, hiking, and fitness. I enjoy "talking" to people around the world using CW (morse code) over pieces of random-length wire strung in trees. When I'm not programming, I'm often found recording music with friends in my home studio, dreaming in my hammock, or playing my Moog Voyager analog synth.

Programming has always been a passion of mine. Since getting my first computer at age 13, and the Turbo Pascal compiler that Christmas, I've been dreaming in code. I enjoy building software in both Functional, and Object Oriented paradigms, both for fun and profit.

I am available for freelance contract work. I'm most proficient in server side Clojure, Java, Python, and JRuby, but have done paid production level work on the UI side with HTML5 and Javascript as well. Check out my résumé or contact me if you would like to discuss working together. I'm currently living in Nashville, TN, but have been doing a majority of my work remotely.


I'm currently available for freelance gigs. Find my contact information below if you would like to get in touch.

If you're interested in my full list of qualifications and experience, here is my résumé in PDF format. You can see some code examples on my GitHub page. Most of my work lately has been proprietary unfortunately, but I'm working on getting some more recent code put up that will be of general community interest.

My specializations include:

  • Clojure / FP
  • Java / JVM
  • Python
  • API Development
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Large Scale Data Processing
  • Amazon Web Services


Let's talk software! I'm open to discuss how we might work together on a project, harness the power of Clojure or Python to build some amazing software, collaborate musically, or even build guitar effects pedals.

I'm @damionjunk on Twitter.

I'm damionjunk on GitHub as well.

If you're listening on 20m or 40m, I'm NG9I. I'm mostly in the CW portion of the band, so listen for: -.-. --.-    -.. .   -.   --.   ----.   ..

It's probably quickest and easiest to just send me an email though. I'm junkda @ gmail: junkda -AT- gmail -DOT- com